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Essential Tone Pack

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on September 21 2022

As voted for by you on Instagram it's time to add more colour to our 250gsm Essential T-Shirts collections, this tone pack will start with washed and muted tones inspired by vintage and washed aged t-shirts and fabrics.

This week will be adding -

 Faded yellow 

  • I took the inspiration for this faded yellow from a vintage T- shirt and I just had to recreate this for the essentials line.


  • I wanted a really washed out grey tone that will sit perfect with light and dark items and isn’t heather based or deep grey and after a lot of testing the Misty Grey is born.

Off White

  • I wanted this off white colour to be a middle ground between raw fabric and a none bleached cream tone which fits perfect with light and dark tone items for building multiple looks.

All colours will be released in a limited amount going live this week.

Time and date in our next newsletter.
Thank you as always for supporting my brand and making all this possible.
Thank you Dan H.