Isolation life with Dre Drexler

Isolation life with Dre Drexler

What’s your isolation location?

Nevada USA

Now you are spending a lot more time at home, what’s your daily routine looking like?

Since I’ve had some more time on my hands, I’ve definitely found myself reading, praying & seeking as much knowledge as possible. Other than that, nothing much has changed. Since I work from home, I’m still in hustle mode creating content on a daily basis.

What’s your go-to tv choices at the moment? TV, Netflix, Films?

My wife and I love watching movies together when we can—it’s our favorite thing to do together. My wife usually works quite a bit, so it’s been crazy fun taking advantage of this time to catch up on our movies & TV shows.

Every morning we are either watching Pastor Steven Furtick on YouTube or some kind of personal development video.

We just caught up on all the episodes of ‘This Is Us’, now we’re currently watching ‘Riverdale’

Oh, & I just binged ‘Kidding’ with Jim Carry on Showtime—what an underrated show!

As far as movies go, 2 of my favorites we just recently watched are ‘Man-down’ with my favorite actor Shia Labeouf. That movie literally had us in tears.

And ‘I Still Believe’, which is a true story about faith & how singer Jeremy Camp lost his beautiful wife to cancer.

Btw, I just made a video on the “15 best movies for men to watch during Quarantine”—definitely check it out, there are some heavy-duty films in there: 


Any books or Blogs you would recommend during isolation?

As for a personal development book—definitely ‘Resolution For Men’, it will change your life as a man.

And for something a little more fictional & fun—‘The Final Quest Trilogy’, I’m currently reading this right now & it’s mind-blowing. Not only is it fun, dark & epic, but it opens your mind to the sick truths of how people are being tempted & controlled on a daily basis. If you are a fan of Lord of the Rings, you’d dig this.

Top tips for keeping motivated in isolation?

You can’t allow big events to cause you to think small. You have to find a way to use a pandemic like this to your advantage. Growing up, my dad always taught me that “My downtime is my prep time”. So rather than falling into the temptation of fear or laziness like we’ve been watching most of the world do—I’ve been using these days to stay calm, level headed & effective. The Bible says, “Be still, & know that I am God”. So this calmness is what has allowed me to stay laser-focused & take each day as it comes. More than ever, I feel like the world needs encouragement and hope— so that alone wakes me up in the

mornings & creates an urge in me to be effective & provide some kind of knowledge & wisdom to others.

What are you missing the most?

My hikes and adventures with my wife. This last year I became somewhat of a workaholic—but not in a good way. I was working out of scarcity. Feeling like if I didn’t create enough content I would lose everything I worked for.

So once I realized I was living in fear, I made a promise to my wife that I would have more faith & create content on a healthier schedule. I told her I would create some balance in my life and spend more quality time with her. So we decided we would start enjoying nature & get out more. Right before quarantine, we were going to the park, hiking, & doing lots of outdoorsy things. I definitely can’t wait to get back to that!

What’s the first thing you will be doing once’s isolation is over?
Hopefully, isolation doesn’t bleed into summer. I would love to go to the lake or hike

near some rivers or hot springs! Oh, & the gym will be nice. I’m losing all my gains!!

Are you working on anything you haven’t had time for before isolation? Hobbies, Art, Projects?

Definitely. I’ve always wanted to learn the ukulele! So a few weeks ago I found an old unused $200 Guitar Center Gift Card that Travertine Spa gifted me with and bought one! I’ve been playing it every single day. It’s crazy fun! Eventually, I would like to get good enough to use it in my beats I create for MNRŌ.

Hit us with what your home workout routine is?

Usually, my gym schedule is pretty structured and repetitive—Monday/chest, Tuesday/back, Wednesday/legs, etc. But isolation has really caused me to get creative. Every day I’m doing something different which is great for muscle confusion. I’ve been doing a lot of Tabata type workouts, HIIT training, sprints up and down my street, etc. I’ve even been using chairs in my house to lift with & I’ve been getting crazy pumps believe it or not!

Are you finding this crazy time we are all in is helping you or hindering your creativity?

Definitely enhancing it. As humans, you can’t let these things hinder you. You have to adapt and get ahead of the pack rather than fall behind. I have a wife & family to take care of—so there is no time for damming up.

At this time, quarantine has actually forced me to change the direction of all my content. I’ve been having to create topics that relate to these times we are in, apposed to my habitual publishings.

As a husband, I’ve learned that creativity isn’t just for artists or musicians. Whether you are a husband, wife, father, or a mother—There’s major creativity involved in being these things. Growing up, my parents didn’t have the most money so they were constantly having to be creative in providing a fun & enjoyable environment that I could live in. And honestly, I had the best childhood a boy could ask for.

So during these times, you have to get creative or else you simply won’t make it.

How do you see this affecting the future of the fashion industry as we know it?

It’s hard to say, I honestly don’t know enough about the fashion industry to create a full statement on this. However, I do feel like isolation is inspiring people to shop online more than ever right now. So I definitely see online shopping experiences enhancing across all apps and web sites.

How do you think things will change after isolation for the good or bad?

Our culture has been consumed by fashion, tv/films & social media more than ever. And though I love the fashion industry & I love hopping on Instagram—I also feel like it’s caused our culture to take the focus off of the things that truly matter in life. It’s even caused me to be more materialistic at times when I need to be more existential. I’ll spend hours on Tik Tok sitting next to my wife without even speaking a word to her. It’s sad really.

Look, I think our world has introduced some amazing things these last couple of decades. However, I feel like a pandemic like this can be very useful to us right now as well. Events such as COVID can really galvanize us into the important things that we tend to neglect—like family & God.

So hopefully this will all wake us up a little bit. Hopefully, we will realize that every day is a gift and our relationships are precious—that that fight we are currently in with our cousin is stupid and silly. Hopefully, we will forgive a little easier & love a little more.




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