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The Ride the Storm Hoodie

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on May 19 2020

The Ride the Storm Hoodie 

Following up on the success of the Ride the Storm T-shirts I wanted to take this print to a hoodie, but with a new level of details to reflect the print style.


First, it would have to be made from the 490 gram Terry weave cotton for a luxury feel and look to the hoodie, with the new fit that is a more boxy fit giving a relaxed fit but shorter in the body so it sit perfect with other layers but also can be layered with jackets like out biker jackets or denim jackets.


Taking inspiration from the lightning in the print I wanted to have some raw edges and detail stitching over raw seams to reflect the rawness of lighting print and add texture by using the fabrics raw edges and loopback weave details.

For the seams of the body of the hoodie, I used a cross over stitch type that creates a triangle mesh pattern that runs around every seam on the body of the hoodie and also holding the top seam of the front pocket.

The hem and cuff detailing are using the raw cut terry cotton straight stitched to the cuffing and left to raw to add the texture I wanted, also the hood of the hoodie I gave the same raw finish but with a cross stitch finish to leave a flat raw seam running down the hood.

This is by far the most detailed hoodie I’ve put out to date. This will be a limited run of 200 with the first 30 will be available on the 24th of May at 5:00 pm UK time.

I hope you all like it and feel free to drop a comment below and give us some feedback.




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