Hero Biker - Black Edition previews

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on February 18 2023

The Hero biker is one piece that has become a signature piece of my brand and with that I wanted to give you guys a new version/option that is everything the OG Hero is but with a different look a twist on the classic so Ive updated the fit across all Hero Bikers and softened the leather finish for a slightly softer fit and -

the new Black Edition is my take on a stealthier biker jacket, taking all the traditional silver zippers and having them a matte black finished gives the jacket a completely new look in my option that will allow for a mix of new styling options that it didn't before. 


All zippers on the jacket will be matte black and buttons are all gunmetal grey, with the signature hand fixed leather folded tag fitted to the front right of the jacket as featured on all Wings biker jackets since the very first. The overall fit is still very much the same slightly cropped body straight fit sleeve with zipper adjustments, the body has the side zippers to adjust fit and give a looser look when open.


Each jacket is handmade using genuine cow hide leather that has been pre approved by me and all jackets are inspected and hand detailed in the Wings studio for each customer before being dispatched.

The Hero Biker Black Edition will be releases on 21/02/2023 at 4:00pm gmt