Isolation life with Chris Eschner @APPLEONMONDAYS

Isolation life with Chris Eschner @APPLEONMONDAYS

What’s your isolation location?


Now you are spending a lot more time at home, what’s your daily routine looking like?

Going for walks, working in my home office, taking photos and more walks

What’s your go-to tv choices at the moment? TV, Netflix, Films?

How to get away with Murder is my go-to at the moment.

Any books or Blogs you would recommend during isolation?

 I'm more of a magazine guy, Drift, HighStyle, Cereal


Top tips for keeping motivated in isolation?

Keeping a routine is important during this time for mental health.

What are you missing the most?

Honestly not much haha!

What’s the first thing you will be doing once’s isolation is over?

I'll probably go to my favorite cafe called @distrctfiveroastery in Ingolstadt. They roast their own blends and are experts in latte art. I'm trying to improve mine but I'm longing for one from them.

Are you working on anything you haven’t had time for before isolation? Hobbies, Art, Projects?

My hobby is basketball but our season got cancelled and I can't take shots at the GYM or even watch NBA games right now so that's kind of disappointing. I try to motivate myself in doing some workouts but it's difficult. As far as street photography goes, that also got cancelled so there go my hobbies lol.

Hit us with what your home workout routine is?

As I've already mentioned I play basketball but I don't have the ability to play basketball at home beside some dribbling exercises which are okay. It's difficult for me to do sports or workouts without a ball in my hand but I try to do some situps and pushups at home every day and usually in the mornings.

Are you finding this crazy time we are all in is helping you or hindering your creativity?

Id says both it's hindering because of the lack of creative input. I tend to gain a lot of creative input through traveling or going into museums or galleries which isn't possible right now. On the other hand, focusing on myself during isolation has helped me in a certain way E.G. I've recently introduced a new perspective into my feed, this doesn't seem huge to you but it sure is for me because I'm all about consistency.


How do you see this affecting the future of the fashion industry as we know it?

That's a tough question, runway shows can, of course, exist without audiences but there again creative input and output are diminished a bit but on the other hand, an extreme situation which is more or less a huge social experiment will impact the ideas in the world of art and fashion and we've already seen that in songs for example. Another aspect will, of course, be how hard consumers will be affected by Corona. And this is something I cannot foresee but it's very likely that this might have an impact in some ways.

How do you think things will change after isolation for the good or bad?

I was honestly hoping for the good but since there have already been some loosening of the restrictions where I live and can see how people behave, I'm a little disappointed again in mankind. Some are behaving as if this is all just a hoax and pretending everything is the same again. Only a few people will have deeper thoughts about how important it is to travel or drive to the cafe by car etc

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