The 2020 Talon shorts

The 2020 Talon shorts

Following the success of the Eagle shorts last year I wanted to take our next shorts to a new level in all areas of finish, fabric, fit, and luxury details.

Starting from the ground up, a new pattern improves the overall fit. New back pocket design and redesigned front pockets give a cleaner look and more secure opening.

I chose a 490-gram French terry weave cotton which produces a luxurious feel and look for these shorts.

After a huge number of tests and wrong turns, I found the perfect balance in the fit. Compared with the Eagle shorts the new fit adds some extra width and a little less length in the legs, drops the crotch down by 2 inches and makes the leg opening slightly wider. Overall this is a massive improvement and sits much better across all sizes. 

Crossover stitch detailing on the side and center seams lends an extra level of design detail.

Providing an extra level of design detail that other brands just can't match is the ongoing focus of the Wings of Liberty brand.

I wanted the drawstrings to use a textured cord type that compliments the French terry. The tone also needed to complement all of the available fabric colors and be more unique than a standard black or white.

So, after a lot of sampling and hunting, I found this soft cotton wide cord that was just perfect in all aspects! To really add extra texture and keep a clean look, the cord is left raw ended and long. You can adjust them, cut them knot them, whatever you want to get the look you want.

The final finishing detail is the back pocket. I wanted to keep this part of the design simple and make a few small adjustments to improving the overall look.

I added a simple angle to the pocket corners and double-stitch detail and extended the depth of the pocket by half an inch.

The final finishing touch is the woven Wings of Liberty eagle logo fitted to the middle of the rear pocket.

The Talon shorts will be the first in a line up of items based on this design ethos, including hoodies and our first joggers all coming in the next few weeks.

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