The Deployment Project - Starting Special projects

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on October 16 2019

What are the Special Projects?

The Special Projects has been something Ive wanted to start for a long time but have been looking for something to start things off thats really different.

As pieces in this project need to be projects and pieces that are work that has be constructed using a special fabrics or that have had a special method to produce each item to make them a high level of detail and finish that is only avalible in small amount or just once.

The Deployment Project

For the Deployment project the first of our Special projects i was focusing on using vintage ex service kit bags to produce each piece as the fabric used to made the pieces.

Firstly hand selecting the bags for the details from on each one to incorporate in the the pieces, such as military code prints found on each bag we have used as a feature on across each piece, the distressing of each bag I also make sure to use for texture and detail in each piece.

The eyelets found at the top of the bag I have used in the zip guard on the bomber jacket as i think this references the bag and the heavy duty feel of the bags but adds to the look of the bomber jacket.

Each special project item is hand made and takes days of work to produce each piece from selecting the bag to cutting the panels and making the final piece its all done in house.

Hopefully the special project will be successful and take the brand more in the Limited Edition Special items direction that ive always leaned towards.

Let me know what you think to this work and what you think of starting this new section of the brand in the comments.