The Bottle Holster (Post One)

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on May 17 2022

After producing this Bottle Holster, as a sample for styling an outfit photo on the look six photo shoot I was surprised to see the DMs start flying in!


After seeing the volume of messages, asking when or if I'm releasing the bottle holster I decided it just had to be done. So I came to you and asked what elements you liked and if you wanted anything adjusted.

Its now time to do a very limited release!

The details for the Bottle Holster are as follows -

  • Each one will be made from military grade ripstop fabric sourced from army surplus supplies then up cycled to produce each Holster, meaning each one has print and stitch details making each one unique
  • Each Holster will come with a custom matte black 750ml metal water bottle made from bp Free stainless steel with a detailed sticker covering all the details of the bottle.
  • The strap is made from heavy woven cotton that is fully adjustable and has the patented quick release and automatic closing magnetic clasp on the upper of the strap.
  • The AirPod holder, each bottle holster will come with a removable AirPods Pro holder with wire attachment and we will also add an option to have it with a standard AirPods holder 

    Each bottle Holster will come in limited packaging with each one being numbered and signed.
    Drop date and times will be in our next newsletter and in the second blog post covering all remaining details.