Fury Mountain Editorial

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 五月 11 2023


Our biggest adventure yet!

The Fury Mountain editorial took us deep in to the Welsh mountains to a abandoned slate mine in the Snowdonia National park. 

This was a task to say the least! We hiked with all the gear and clothing up in to the mine that was built in layers going up the face of the mountain with stairs made from slate and caves to access different parts, some being a lot safer than others.

The photo above showing the front side of the mine showing one of the tracks that runs up to the top of the mountain.

For this editorial we wanted to use and show as much of the locations and the raw environments as possible as well as showing the pieces and looks from the Fury Drop 2 line up .

We found a number of spots that worked brilliantly for this shoot some almost looking like sets from films like the cave above that we found just randomly walking around.

Others spots we just found randomly and the more time we walked around the more unbelievable the spots got to the point we wished we made this a two day shoot and had the full collection on hand to shoot.

For the main part of the shoot we focused on spots as we found them around the main mountain one area and as the day went on and light was changing we moved down to areas around the base of the mountain.