New FREE Shipping rates

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 九月 29 2023

"We understand that shipping costs have become a concern, particularly in light of recent global events. As a small brand, we've faced rising shipping rates out of the UK since the onset of the pandemic. To provide you with more affordable options, we've been actively negotiating with shipping companies like FedEx, DHL, and DPD.

Typically, these companies offer better rates to businesses based on the volume of shipments, which can be challenging for smaller brands like ours. However, we're excited to share some positive news – we've managed to secure better rates, especially for larger packages.

In our commitment to offering you the best possible experience, we've decided to pass these savings on to you. Starting today, you can enjoy FREE worldwide shipping when you order multiple items or team up with a friend to place an order together.

We value transparency and want you to know that sometimes, we absorb a portion of the shipping costs from our profits to keep prices reasonable. We believe this change will not only make our products more accessible but also encourage you to explore our offerings with greater flexibility.

Thank you for supporting our brand, and we look forward to serving you better with these improved shipping options."


Free UK Shipping on all orders

Free EU Shipping on orders over £180

Free USA/Canada Shipping on orders over £225

Free Worldwide shipping on orders over £230