Project Mad World

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 七月 13 2019

Project Mad World the 3rd collection, this collection takes inspiration from both technical garments, outdoor wear and recycled/reconstructed fabrics taking and those influences to create items we want to wear daily in our outfits.

Each piece in Project Mad World is meaningful and has a place in each look and everyone's wardrobe.

Technical elements feature heavily in this collection from fabrics through to magnetic buckles/clasps and matte black finishing details all chosen to express that influence.

Mad World also takes our fabric choices and garment fits to a new level and marks an all new high for Wings. Creating Mad World we went back to the drawing board developing all new patterns for the garments and continually adjusted and fine tuned every piece until we finally arrived at the Mad World look.

We are constantly evolving Mad World and adding new first time items like the military cargos (featured above) to the delivery of this collection.

We will soon have a date set for the first drop of Mad World. As you know, we don’t release collections as often as other brands. We take the extra time and invest it where it matters. We can’t wait to share Mad World with you.

The Mad World project will be starting on the 28/09/2019 for newsletter member early access and on the 29/09/2019 for full public access!

This drop will also include our new Renegade denim that will be available in three colours! More details can be found in the Renegade denim blog post at this (link)