The Eagle Hunter

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 七月 12 2023

Introducing the Eagle Hunter print, the latest addition to my new series of prints, designed specifically for the new boxy 300gsm t-shirts. In this release, I am also unveil a limited version of the print for newsletter members only, featuring an additional colour t-shirt and print colour for a touch of exclusivity for VIP members.

The inspiration behind the Eagle Hunter print stems from the remarkable Khitan people, who have honed the art of training eagles to hunt alongside them from horseback. These skilled Kazakh eagle hunters continue this tradition in the breathtaking Mongolian highlands to this very day.

To capture the awe-inspiring essence of the eagle hunters, I embarked on a digital painting journey, meticulously studying images of these hunters as they prepare to release their majestic eagles for the hunt. The resulting artwork encapsulates an epic scene, showcasing the unparalleled sight of the eagle and rider on horseback, unlike anything I have encountered before.

For this particular print, I aspired to create a visually striking piece with meticulous attention to detail. To achieve this, I opted for a two-color print, employing halftone techniques to masterfully render the intricacies of the eagle hunter and their distinctive attire. This process ensures that every element, from the hunter's attire to the smallest features, is beautifully showcased in high definition.

By choosing the boxy 300gsm t-shirts as the canvas for this print series, I guarantee both style and durability. The substantial fabric weight not only imparts a sense of quality but also ensures that the prints will withstand the test of time, allowing customers to cherish and enjoy them for years to come.

In summary, the Eagle Hunter print embodies the essence of the Khitan people and their Kazakh eagle hunters. Through meticulous digital painting techniques, a two-color halftone print, and the use of premium boxy 300gsm t-shirts, this release aims to captivate art enthusiasts and convey the extraordinary beauty of this ancient tradition. 

The Eagle Hunter will release next week in public and newsletter only versions.

Drop Date and times will be announced via our newsletter.

Thanks Dan