The Eagle shorts

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 七月 12 2019

From the massive success of the baller shorts, I wanted to produce a short incorporating the logo print but make them part of the Essential line.

First off I wanted to improve the fit and fine-tune all the details of the shorts.

So I started with the fit, taking the leg width down and shortened the leg length. This took a few samples and test fits to get to the vision of the fit correct overall taking 2inches out of the width and 2.5 inches out of the length.

Next, I wanted to fine-tune the details and construction of the front pockets, taking the zipper detail out and going with a more traditional angled pocket opening. But wanted to give the pockets a more solid construction so when everyday items like phones & wallets are carried with don’t flop around. So for this, I made the pockets deeper, rectangular in shape and constructed the side of the pocket into the side seam of the shorts so that they don’t move and are part of the structure of the garment.

The next was the waistband, this was simple as I wanted to have it elasticated and to have gunmetal eyelets and have the signature waxed drawstrings to finish the shorts off.