Wings Rewards

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 一月 03 2021

Wings Rewards are here, I've wanted to have a rewards program for some time but not found a system that worked until now.
The best way I can reward the people that support the brand is to give back so you get something for everything you do that supports the brand, be that buying the pieces or sharing our Instagram, following our Facebook it all helps and so I wanted to give you something for it.
So for every purchase you will get double the points and for following and sharing you will get points and all the points are linked to your account and you can choose to spend them how you like, be it Free shipping or 15% - 50% off any order its up to you.
If you have a wings account you will already be linked to Wings Rewards and points will already be added to your account, if you wanted to get points simply set up an account and your all set.
If you have ordered in the past and didn't have an account set one up and send us the old order details and until 25/02/2021 we will add the points to your account.