WLBD - 02 Preview Two

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on 三月 16 2024

The WLBD - 02

The second in my WLBD Denim hybrid series is made from one of my signature acid washed denim jackets chopped and blended with a WL-01 deep navy bomber.

Giving the classic military inspired cropped oversized bomber fit with a denim detail and finish to the upper and sleeves of the jacket. Plenty of details for this one, i've fine tuned some of the details from the WLBD 01 and added some to give this jacket its own identity and feel. 

Features for this jacket include a printed inner logo on the quilted orange liner, distressing denim details on the seams that join the denim and bomber sections together for added extra texture and raw hand finished look & feel.

Full zipper front with RIRI zipper and also a classic bomber sleeve pocket with zipper closure, star rivet details on the sleeves, single button detail at the jacket neck, double collar with bomber and denim neckline.

This just covers a few of the detail of the jacket all will be show near release time.

 All jackets will be numbered as always and made to order in house for each one of you who order and all jackets will arrive in our signature magnetic collectors box as  standard.

 The Release -

Newsletter members this will get access days ahead of the public release, this is so you will get a better chance to get the size you want but also this means members jackets will be in production before public release meaning you our newsletter members will get your jackets first as a priority.

Newsletter members release will be approximately 6 days ahead of public release, dates will be set in the next few days and made public.

For the Lucky Few -

I will also be giving the first 10 newsletter members that order a unreleased gift item like last time when I did this it was for the first 5 orders and they sold in under 1 minute so i wanted to give more people a chance to get a bonus for supporting the brand and the limited projects i do.

All final drop information will be announced in the next few days via newsletter/posts and a final blog drop details post.

To join the newsletter just signup on the store its FREE and will get you early access to drops and lots of extras.

Thanks Dan