Bird of Prey - Patch Denim Drop Date

Written by Dan Wings


Posted on August 23 2020

The Bird of Prey Patch Denim drop date is set and it is 28/08/2020 drop time 6:00pm GMT.

The Bird of Prey Patch denim is an extremely limited drop as the work involved to produce each means we can only make a small amount in one run and each jacket requires hand stitch work, hand distressing, and final details finished by hand to get the finish and detail level that only Wings denim has.


I'm excited to release this piece as it been a project I've been working on for a few months now that has taken a lot longer than planned to get to the vision I had for this jacket but its finally ready! This is the starting piece for a new collection and starts to tell the story of the new collection and the new direction for the brand.

For anyone that wants the Bird of Prey Patch Denim, make sure to get it on the drop day to be sure not to miss your size as its low numbers across all sizes and this drop will be less than 60 spread across all sizes.

If you want to check sizes ad fit drop a comment below or on any of the posts on Instagram or Facebook and ill make sure to get back to you.

For more details on the Bird of Prey, Patch Denim view the details blog post HERE

Bird of Prey - Patch Denim Release 28/08/2020 6:00 PM GMT

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